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Mason Family; Loach and Jones, Draft Marriage Settlement


Draft marriage settlement for the intended marriage between William Loach and Mary Jones. Settlement between William Loach of Warwick, grocer, nephew and heir and devisee of Richard Loach late of the city of London, gentleman, deceased on the first part; William Jones of Haseley, clerk and John hamp of Warwick, baker on the second part and Richard Jones of Warwick, gentleman and Mary Jones, spinster, daughter of the said Richard on the third part. Property: messuage at Harbery with close adjoining and two yard lands in common fields formerly in the occupation of William Durham and now of Edward Horley; yard land in Harbery formerly in the occupation of John Sprawson and now of said Edward Horley; yard lands in Stratford upon Avon common fields in the tenure of Jonathan Sowtham by virtue of assignment from William Loach.