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Bargain and Sale, Combe to Hunt


Bargain and sale with feoffment for a consideratio of £325 between William Combe of Old Stratford on the first part and Richard Hunt of Stratford upn Avon, mercer and Michael Olney of Stratford upon Avon, gentleman on the second part. Property: One and a half yard lands and six lands or ridges lying in the common fields of Stratford upon Avon, Bishopton and Welcombe together with common of pasture for horses, geldings and mares, sheep and beasts as accustomed to all tenants and freeholders. Schedule: two lands at the four elms shooting upon Thistley Close, two butts shooting into the Hame two lands shooting into Bunklow Way. One land shooting into Hadland in the hole ; one acres shooting into Clopton Way; one land shootong into the park of Richard Yeate; one land shooting into the land of Francis Yate; one land shooting into the Gill Pitts and two lands under Bishopton Hill. 2. Bailey: One acres shooting into Cloton hedge; four lands lying at the east side of the Windmill Hill next to the Gylepitts follow a shooting into Windmill Way and four lands in Broadmeare. 3. Peasefield: three lands in Gillas head shooting upon March Leas; one land in Short Slovell; one acre in grancil pit; one acre in slowly furlong next to highay butt and two in the same furlong; one land on Wofam's Hill shooting into Howbrook; one acre shooting into the headland..and other lands. Also lands at Wheatfield, lands at Sandfield and at Welcombe Meadow.