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Lease and Release, Finnett to Willys and Smith


Lease and release for a consideration of £209 between Lucy Finnett, one of the daughters of Sir John Finnett, Knight, deceased and William Combe of Old Stratford, esqire on the first part and George Willys of Fenny Compton, gentleman and Henry Smith of Old Stratford, gentleman on the second part. Property: one yard land in the common fields of Welcombe and Bishopton with appurtenances in the occupation of Humphrey Wood, Thomas Jackson and William Higgins. This assignment related to a mortgage for 1000 years by William Combe to Edward Stephens, the repayment was to be made by 24th June 1642 which was not paid, subsequently the assignment of the mortgage from Edward Stephens to John and Robert Parker and in February 1647 assignment passes to Combe, Parkers and Stephens to Lucy Finnett.