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Lord's Charity


Papers relating to proposals for, and improvement of land between Evesham Place and Broad Street, being 'Poors Close'. Includes: 1)Case, with Opinion of J. H. Lloyd, 11 Dec 1861 as to ownership of piece of waste land taken in, fenced and used by Highway Surveyors as yard, which Trustees claim as owners of the freehold of adjoining Poors Close. Plan enclosed 2)Plans and correspondence, 1861 re opposition to proposal for railway bridge to replace level crossing at Evesham Road necessitating use of some of Poors Close. 3)Resolutions of Board of Health as to fencing around Poors Close,28 July 1868 and 5 November 1868 [see DR444/7/3/2] 4) Detailed proposal by Rev. J. D. Collis, vicar of Stratford, for the conversion of Poors Close into a garden square, similar to those in London, to be called Shakespeare Square, Broad Street being renamed. 8 April 1871 5) Agenda for a special meeting of the Stratford Charity Trustees to consider, inter alia, offers made for the letting of the Poors Close gardens, 5 August 1880