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Mason Family; Lease for 16 Years, Sadler to Taylor


Lease for 16 years for an annual sum of £14 between John Sadler, citizen and grocer of London on the first part and John Taylor of Stratford upon Avon on the second part. Property: two closes being fourteen acres known as the Salmon Jolle and the Salmon Tail in the liberties of Old Straford and Borough of Stratford upon Avon now or late in the tenure of John Barlowe with all ways. Conditions: John Taylor to maintain, clean and repair hedges, ditches, fences, John Taylor allowing sufficient timber therefore reposession if rent overdue by fourteen days. John Taylor at his own cost to plant elms on the boundaries each year so that at the end of the term there shall be 32 such. No land to be converted to tillage under penalty of £5.