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Gift with warranty from Robert of the Hethe of Solihull' to John Notehurst of Solihull' and Alice his wife of one toft and one adjacent croft lying in Toneworth' next to the wood called le erleswod', that is between the road leading from the said wood towards the house of John Middlemore and the road leading from the said Wood towards Gowers; to hold for ever from the chief lords of the fee for due and customary service. Dated at Toneworth', Wednesday on the feast of St Lucy the Virgin, 9 Henry VI. Witnesses: Thomas Sydenhale, Thomas waryng', John Dolfyn, William Sherdemore, John Creweley and others. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 1 in., a female figure holding a large cross on her right hand with foliage on her left and standing on a serpent. Legend: L S' AV