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Tanworth, Monkspath in


Copy of a gift with warranty from Simon de Manecestr' knight to Richard son of Roger Gerin of Taneworth of an annual rent of 13 pence which he was accustomed to receive from his tenants in Mondyspath', namely from Simon Waring' 3 pence for a piece of land called Watte Crofte, from Simon Abel, Richard de Middelmor and Simon Waring' 4 pence for an acre of land next le Dostilone, and from Simon Abel and Roger Middilmor 6 pence for a piece of land calaled Barlicrofte, with homages, wardships, reliefs, scutages and escheats; to hold the same rendering annually one rose at the feast of St. John the Baptist. Witnesses: Henry de Sydehale, John Wodard, Robert de Sydenhale, William de Belne, Richard Gover and others. Endorsed: Symon Mancestree miles [SA] Latin, parchment, 101/4 x 41/4 ins.