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Gift with warranty from Henry de ?Ichemor to Walter de Eillesburie, for service, and for 6 marks, of an annual rent of 6s 9d which Robert Spinart and Nicholas de Swannisdig were accustomed to pay for a tenement which the said Nicholas held of the grantor in Tanworthe, and which tenement the said Nicholas had by the grant of the said Robert; to hold the same rendering annually one rose at the feast of St. John the Baptist. Witnesses: Sir Ralph de Lymesi, Sir Richard de Lymesi, Sir Henry Sceldone, knights, Simon de Manesettre, Walter de Wintretone, William de Barneville, William de Sidinhale,Walter Bronn, Walter de Listirleie and others. Tag and seal lost Endorsed: i) Carta Henrici de Echemor de redditu sex solidorum et novem denariorum in ii) Tanworth Latin, parchment, 63/4 x 4 ins.