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Lease for ten years from Andrew Bertram of Maxstok' to John Phillips of Yerdeley of one hall and half one tenement with waters in Toneworth' which the said Andrew inherited through his wife Margaret, excepting two groves one of which is called Colinsgroue and the other lying at the end of the pond, which two groves were to belong to the said Andrew except that the said John was to have the right to graze horses and mares on the said groves without making any waste; to hold from the feast of the Purification of the Virgin Mary 4 Henry V [ 2 February 1416/17] for 10 years, rendering annually to the said Andrew and Margaret 30 shillings [ 2 terms] ; the said John to maintain the said hall and half tenement in good repair together with walls, hedges, ditches, and other necessaries at his own cost during the said term; the said Andrew and Margaret to have the right of re-entry if the said rent was unpaid or in arrears 20 days beyond any of the said terms or if the said property was not kept in repair; the said John was also to dig or have dug at his own cost two ditches, one lying next to Wirceturway as far as Blakford' and the other lying from the said tenement as far as le Erleswode and also in other places where it was necessary; the said John was not to cut down any woods or subwoods except for fencing the said property nor make any waste, and in addition render suit of court and to pay tithes and all other dues upon the said property; if the said John left the said property without the permission of the said Andrew during the said term he was to pay the said Andrew 6 marks; if the said Andrew and Margaret died during the said term it would be lawful for their heirs to enter and hold the said property but if the said Andrew and Margaret lived beyond the said term they would give warranty to the said John during the said term. Dated at Toneworth'on the feast of St Vincent the Martyr, [ 4 Henry V] Witnesses: Thomas Archer, Richard Dolfyn of Toneworth', John Clerk, rector of Pakyngton' Pygot. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 3/4 in., the letter T Endorsed: [16th cent] C a lesse of Collins groue Latin, parchment, 12 x 7.5 ins., indented.