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Tanworth, Hockley in


Gift with warranty from Simon de Mancestre to Thomas called Godharpe of his land at Huckelowe of the fee of Peter de Val with all appurtenances as it is enclosed by hedges and ditches; to hold the same to the said Thomas and his lawful issue rendering annually 20 pence (2 terms) for all service save the foreign service pertaining to that land. Witnesses: Reginald Bacon, rector of the church of Solihull', Dom John chaplain of the said church, Dom William de Lyndon' chaplain, Robert de Kyngusford, Henry de Sidunhale, Richard de Folewode, Henry de Mancestre, Walter Broun and others. Seal on tag, circular, green. A man's head facing right. Legend obscure. Endorsed: i) Lapworthe ii) Simon de Mancestr' ded' Thome Goodharp apud Hoclewe de feodo Petri de Val Latin, parchment, 83/4 x 31/4 ins.