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Confirmation with warranty from William de Bello Campo earl of Warwick to Walter de Eyllesbur', for homage and service, of 45 acres of land in Tanworth' which Ela, countess of Warwick gave to the said Walter from the waste of Tanworth', and which is part of his inheritance; to hold the same to the said Walter rendering annually during his life time one penny at Michaelmas and foreign service, and after his death to his heirs rendering annually 10 shillings (2 terms) and foreign service and making two appearances at the grantor's court at Tanworth' Witnesses: Sir William de Oddinggeseles, Ralph de Lemysie, Walter de Bello Campo, Richard de Lemysie knights, William de Bereford', Nicholas de Warrewyk', John le Archer, William de Barnevile, William de Sidenhale, John Wodard, Henry de Manecestr' and others. Dated at Hamslape, Thursday next before the feast of St Gregory 14 Edward I. Cord, seal lost. Endorsed: Carta comitis Warwik' in Tanewurth'. Latin, parchment, 91/4 x 61/2 ins.