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?SOLIHULL, Widney Manor in


Quitclaim from Nicholas de Suanesdich' to Walter de Ayllesbur' of all his right in a meadow lying between the court house (curiam) of the said Walter in Wydenhay and the arable land of the said Nicholas, which meadow is enclosed by a paling, hedge and ditch; to hold the same rendering due and customary service to the chief lord; and for this the said Walter releases to the said Nicholas a piece of meadow which he had by exchange from William de la Schawe and he also gives to the said Nicholas an annual rent of 7 pence which the latter used to pay to him, and a further 10 shillings. Witnesses: John le Archer, John Wodard, Simon de Manecestre, Henry de Sydenhale, Richard de Folewode, Walter Broun, Henry de Manecestre and others. Dated at Wydenhay, Wednesday next after the feast of St Ambose 17 Edward I. Seal on tag, circular, green, broken. On a shield a cross. Legend indecipherable. Endorsed: Nich' Swanesdiche. Latin, parchment, 73/4 x 4 ins., indented.