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Lease from Olive widow of Walter de Cimiterio to Henry Wodart of a third part of that land which Alice and Amicia the daughters of the said Olive sold to the said Henry before Sir William de Saham and his fellow itinerant justices at Warwick, 13 Edward I, and caused to be enrolled before them; to hold the same rendering annually during the life of the said Olive five strikes of hard corn and five of oats at Michaelmas, beginning in 14 Edward I [1286]; and should the said Henry fail to make one of these payments he will be held to owe twice the amount. Witnesses: Roger ?Legers, Walter Herberto, William de ?Simtero, Ralph de Lindon, Robert de Wytel' and others. Tag, seal lost. Latin, parchment, 71/2 x 31/4 ins., indented.