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Tanworth, Umberslade in


Quitclaim with warranty from John le Archer son and heir of John le Archer to Henry Dibonn and Margery his wife, for their lives, of three acres of land in Thoneworthe lying in Omberslade as it is enclosed with hedges and ditches which they held by the demise of Margery the grantor's mother, at the annual rent of 18 pence (2 terms) after the death of Margery the grantor's mother, with reversion to the grantor on the death of the said Henry and Margery. Witnesses: Richard de Folewode, Simon le Archer, John atte Berne, John de Stapultone, William Broun and others. Seal on tag, shield-shaped, white, defaced. Endorsed: i) Of ys ys drawn ii) John' Archarr' Henrr' Dibon' octod cem denarios, Tonworth Latin, parchment, 81/4 x 31/2 ins., indented.