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Gift with warranty from Richard son of Henry de Aurescawe to William son of William de Beln', in exchange, of 21/2 acres of land lying between le Salutweye, and the road leading towards Warrewyke and between the land of the said William in length and breadth as it is enclosed and ditched. In exchange the said William gives to the said Richard 21/2 acres of land lying between the highway leading from Wytlaxfeld towards Henleye and the close once belonging to the countess of Warwick in length and in breadth between the land of Thomas atte Lone and the land of the said William. Witnesses: Sir John de Lodbrok', John le Archer, William de Sydenhale, Henry de Mancest', Roger Gereyn, Adam de Leye steward and many others. Dated on the feast of St Michael 21 Edward I. Seal on tag, fragment in natural wax. Endorsed: Tanworth Latin, parchment, 71/2 x 5 ins., indented.