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Quitclaim from Peter de Vallo of Tonewrth' to Richard de Fulwode of an annual rent of 2s 10d, with lordship and homage, wards, reliefs and escheats, which Walter Brun of the same paid for land which he and his brother Hugh held of the grantor in the said vill; and for this the said Richard gives 20 shillings. Witnesses: John le Archer, John Wodart, Richard Wistan, William de Cherlecot', Roger the clerk and others. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: i) Walter Broun ii) Carta Ricardi de Fulewode facta per Petrum de Vallo de duobus solidis et decem denariis argenti percipiendis de Waltero de Brun' etc. iii) Carta de redditu iis xd Latin, parchment, 10 x 31/2 ins.