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Tanworth, Monkspath in


Gift with warranty from Philip Molendinarius de la Wike, with the consent of Juliana his wife, to Geoffrey son of Richard de Middelmor of a moor with adjoining meadow in Monekespathe in Thanewrthe extending in length from the moor of Roger Fabri as far as the meadow of Ralph Page and lying in width between the highway leading from Henl' towards Burmingham and the land which Simon de Middelmor held called le Heie; to hold the same rendering annually 3 pence (2 terms); and for this the said Geoffrey gives 14 shillings. Witnesses: Simon de Manecest', Roger de Sidenhal', Simon de Middelmor, Walter Herward', Roger Fabro, Richard de Ssell', Roger clerk of Aspl' and others. Originally two seals on tags, seal and tag i lost, seal ii on tag, white, fragmentary, defaced. Endorsed: Rec yis deed of Mr. John Cave the 30 November 1647 [SA] Latin, parchment, 73/4 x 5 ins.