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Gift with warranty from William de la Lee to Thomas his son, for homage and service, of a parcel of land lying in the furlongs (culturis) called Apelton' and Stervenhale in Tanewrthe between the land which John le Archer of Tanewrthe held and the land which Nicholas Edrich of Tanewrthe held; to hold the same rendering annually a pair of gloves worth one penny, or one penny, at Easter; and for this the said Thomas gives 1/2 mark. Witnesses: John le Archer, Walter de Cherlecote, Roger de Sindenhale, Richard de Fulwode, Richard Herebard, Randolf Densy and others. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: i) Carta de Apelton ii) Carta Willelmi Lee facta Thome filio suo sine data. Latin, parchment, 71/4 x 31/4 ins.