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Gift with warranty from John Archer to [his nephew] John son of William the grantor's brother, for homage and service, of that part of his land extending in length from Ruemedwe descending to ploughed land in Dunnecroft and on the other side to land of William de Coddebarwe and ascending thence to land of William son of Hugh; with the further gift of a certain meadow called Ruhemedwe with all the hedges by which it is enclosed; to hold the same rendering annually 4 pence at Whitsun; and for this John the grantee gives 15 shillings. Witnesses: Henry de la Le, Robert de Hullenhall', Richard the servant, Roger Durewassel', Ralph Bruthun, Robert de Crohenhall', William de Wistanecroft and others. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: Carta de Schefferente [crossed out] Ruhmeddo. Latin, parchment, 73/4 x 31/2 ins.