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Gift with warranty from Henry de Craft, with the consent of Margery his wife, to John le Archer, of the homage and service of Elias le Smethe and his joint-tenants (parcenariorum suorum) and an annual rent of 6s 6d which the said Henry received from the said Elias for the tenement which he held of the grantor in Thaneworthe and which the grantor had in free marriage with his wife Margaret by the gift of James Sprigonel her brother; to hold the same with all reliefs, escheats homages and wardships rendering annually one rose at the nativity of St. John the Baptist; and for this the said John gives 41/2 marks. Witnesses: Roger de Sydinhale, Walter Brun, Walter de Cherlecote, Roger Warin', Simon de Middilmor and others. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: i) 1. Of the thryde rolle ii) Of ys ys drawn iii) Concessio redditus et servicii Helie Tappyngh' Johanni Archer per Henricum Croft', scilicet vis vid per annum Latin, parchment, 81/2 x 3 ins.