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Gift with warranty from William de Bello Campo earl of Warwick to John le Archer of Taneworth' and Margery his wife, for 40 marks, of 80 acres of land from the waste of Taneworth', with one smithy and all the land which John Gilbert once held in villein tenure; of which 35 acres lie together in Omberslade, 24 in Havescawe between Ombersclade and the causeway leading towards the church of Taneworth', 101/2 acres together in Fenchawe called Clerkeslond, 51/2 in the said vill of Fenschawe called Hickelond Willing', 4 between le Wodelond and the highway leading from Taneworth' towards Sotton, and one acre, with the said smithy, between the land which John Hardine held and the road leading towards Burmincham; to hold the same rendering annually 2 marks, with 1 penny for the villein tenement (2 terms), for all services save suit of court at Taneworth' at Christmas and Whitsun. Witnesses: John de Lodbroc, Nicholas de Oddigeseles, John de Someri, John Wodart, Richard de Folewode, Henry de la Lee, Thomas de la Lee and others. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: i) 18. Of the fyrste rolle. ii) Coppeyd iii) Carta Johannis Archer et Margerie uxoris eius de lond, Clerkeslond et de aliis terris facta per Willelmum de Bello Campo comitem Warr'. Latin, parchment, 101/2 x 53/4 ins.