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Bargain and sale with warranty from Humphrey Conyngsbye of Vllenhall in the parish of Wutton' Wawen county Warr' gentleman to John Fulwode of the same gentleman for £15 of a messuage in the parish of Toneworth' county Warr' with meadows, pastures, orchards, gardens, woods and waters then in the occupation of John Hardyng together with the deeds relating to the same; to hold for ever rendering chief rent to the chief lord of the fee, subject also to a lease for years to the said John Hardyng. Bond from the said Humphrey to the said John Fulwode in the penal sum of 40 marks of even date [see also DR37/1/1300]. Dated, 4 Edward VI. Fragment of red wax. Endorsed: [Late 16th or early 17th cent] The of Umphrie connesbe English, parchment, 163/4 x 73/4 in., indented.