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Bargain and sale from Humphrey Everand of Whyttyngton, Staffordshire, gentleman and Anne his wife to Henry Tyrry of Tonworthe and Richard Dyckynson of the same, collyers, of woods and underwoods in groves called Alesburye landes in Tanworth, excepting wood growing on two banks adjoining the Medoe place, and all the trees growing in the hedgerows with their banks about and upon the said grounds called Allysburye lands, the said Henry and Richard to be allowed to chase from the hedgerows around the said Alysburye lands and around 2 pastures called Paule fields 200 oaks to be marked and signed by the said Humphrey and Anne; to hold for 3 years with the right to fell and cull and 'to cole' at their pleasure; the said Henry and Richard agreeing to leave on the said Abeseberye lands 800 good samplers; the said Henry and Richard to repair all gaps made by felling the said trees and to shut gates after them to preserve the grove in the said Abesberye lands. Dated, 8 Elizabeth. 2 circular seals of red wax on tags, 1/2 in., bust of man to left on each. Endorsed: [Contemp] Sale of wodde in Tonworthe English, parchment, 151/4 x 113/4 in., indented.