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Agreement between Edmund Colles of Leighe, Worcestershire, esquire and Robert Farr of Tanworthe yeoman and Katherine his wife reciting that Robert Nowell esquire, attorney of the court of Wards and Liveries lately exhibited and information of intrusion in the said court against the said Robert Farr and others that the said Robert had wrongfully entered 2 pastures and a meadow called Swane lands, sometime belonging to Henry Swan in Tanworthe, lying between the highway leading from Henley towards Brymingham and the brooke running from Shirley Heath to Prattys pole, the lands of Thomas More called Walle meadow and the lands of Thomas Swan on all sides, now or late in the occupation of John Parson, together with the house erected on the said two pastures, which lands formed part of the manor of Monkespathe, then in the Queen's hands by the wardship of Andrew Archer, son and heir of Humphrey Archer deceased, who held the said manor by knight service, and which manor the said Edmund Colles then held by a lease from the Queen of 6 May 5 Elizabeth [1563] during the minority of the said Andrew, which suit has been prosecuted by the said Edmund against the said Robert as an offence against the body and lands of the said Andrew, the Queen's ward) whereby the said Robert and Katherine covenanted to deliver to the said Edmund before the following Michaelmas all deeds relating to the lands described above and renounce their claim to the same, for which the said Edmund granted for himself and the said Andrew that the said Robert and Katherine might hold the said two pastures with house and meadow during the minority of the said Andrew and during the minority of John Archer, brother of the said Andrew, if the said Andrew died before reaching the age of 21 years, paying annually to the said Edmund during the said term 12d. [2 terms], with the right of distraint for non-payment; when the said Andrew reached the age of 21 years, or if the said Andrew died during his minority, when the said John Archer reached the age of 21 years, an assurance of the said lands was to be made to the said Robert and Katherine for the annual rent of 12d.; the said Edmund acquitted the said Robert and Katherine against any claim of John Dunstall concerning the said deeds, and if the said Andrew and John both died before reaching the age of 21 years the said Edmund would redeliver the said deeds and make assurance of the title of the said Robert and Katherine to the said lands which they now held. Dated, 9 Elizabeth. Witnesses, endorsed: John Naissh, Edmund Rudyng, Robert Farr, Richard Farr, John Doue, William Harvy. Rectangular seal of red wax on tag, 3/4 x 1/2 in., the letter T English, parchment, 191/4 x 13 in., indented.