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Feoffment with warranty from John Waryng the elder of Tanworthe yeoman to Henry Hunt of Woodyend yeoman, Hugh Wagstaffe yeoman and Henry Sydnall yeoman all of Tanworth of the tenement belonging to the grantor with a parcel of meadow in Tanworth called Hoddes, now or late in the tenure of Henry Heath alias Swanne, which property formerly belonged to the chantry known as the second chantry in Tanworth; to hold to the use of the grantor and Margaret his wife for the term of their lives from the chief lords of the fee for due and customary service, and after their deaths to the use of the following persons in turn; and their lawful issue: Henry Waryng, younger son of Thomas Warynge the elder of Tanworth, Francis Waryng, son of Henry Waryng the elder, John Waryng, son of William Waryng, or in default to the right heirs of the said grantor for ever. Appointment of John Boulte of Tanworth yeoman attorney to deliver seisin. Dated, 27 Elizabeth Witnesses to signing and livery of seisin, endorsed: Henry Hunt the younger, John Smyth, William Hunte Seal on tag, seal sewn in linen bag Endorsed: [Contemp] Rownde Round alias Swanne Latin, parchment, 13 x 93/4 in., indented