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Bargain and sale from Sir Robert Throckmorton knight to John Fullwood of Wootton Wawine gentleman for £195 of a messuage in Tonworthe called Hawkeshawes otherwise known as Handis with a garden and little meadow adjoining the same, 2 closes, one called Peasefield and the other called Greate Hewkeshawes, a croft of pasture with adjoining meadow called Fowell, 4 acres of arable land lying severally in a common field of Tanworth called Grimshill, selions formerly of arable land lying in a field of Humphrey Archer called Pirryhill, near a place where the windmill stood; the said messuages and 2 closes lying in breadth from the little lane leading to the capital messuage called Fordehall towards Tonworthe on the one hand and to the lands of the said John Fullwoode called Jenhills on the other, and in length from the Queen's highway and the river there called Mockley brooke on the one hand to the lands of the said Humphrey Archer esquire called Kyntesland grove on the other; the said pasture and meadow called Fowell lying in breadth between the said lane leading to Tonworthe on the one hand and a close called Austen End and the said field called Grimeshill on the other, and in length extending from Mockley meadow on the one hand to the said field called Grimeshill on the other with all woods; all which property the said Sir Robert lately purchased from Francis Sheldon, one of the sons of Richard Sheldon, late of Spechley, Worcestershire, deceased; to hold for ever. Appointment of attorney by the said Sir Robert of Henry Lee and Richard Tomdye to deliver seisin. Signed: J. Fullwood. Dated, 21 Elizabeth. Witnesses: Richard Fitxhugh, John James, Peter Astun, Ralph Grene, Thomas Allen. Tag for seal with traces of red wax. Endorsed: [S.A.] The Counterpart of the saile of Mr Sheldons land in Tanworth' passed to Mr John Fulwood'. The sale of cottages lond in Tanworth from' Sr Robert Throckmorton to Mr John Fulwood'. English, parchment, 281/4 x 20 in., indented.