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Bargain and sale from Maurice Fullford of Solihull husbandman to John Boswell alias Maxfeild of Toneworth tanner for £36 of a cottage, garden and a small croft adjoining the said cottage in Toneworth in the occupation of William Hyatt, and a close in Toneworth adjoining the said property in the tenure of Richard Hasellocke, all which property being called Roseland and lying in length and breadth between the land of Henry Lea and the lord's waste land called Sarehurst, together with all woods; to hold for ever from the chief lords of the fee for due and customary service, excepting one lease from the said Maurice to the said Richard Haselocke, 28 August 21 Elizabeth [1579] for 11 years from 2 February last, and the yearly rent of 4d. and the chief rent of 8d.; in order to save the said John Harmless from rights of dower, the said Maurice agreed within one year to acknowledge a fine to the said John of the messuage in which he, the said Maurice, then lived in Solihull and crofts adjacent to the same as well as the said cottage and lands in Toneworth, the said messuage and lands in Solihull to be held to the said Maurice for life, and if after his death his wife Joyce survive and brought a writ of dower against the said lands in Tanworth and recovered all or any part of them, that then the said John should hold and enjoy the said property in Solihull during the life of the said Joyce, but that after his death the same should be held to the heirs of the said Maurice. Signed: Maurice Fullforde by mark Dated, 26 Elizabeth Witnesses, endorsed: William Acocke, Richard Fullford, Henry Hunt, Thomas Ashtone. Fragment of seal of red wax on tag English, parchment, 22 x 171/2 in., indented