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Assignment from Thomas Smith of Lapworth yeoman to Richard Haselocke of Tanworth yeoman of a lease dated 1 May 27 Elizabeth [1585] from John Gower of Woodhall, Worcestershire, esquire to Maurice Fulford of Solihull' yeoman and to Thomas and William Fulford, two of his sons, amongst other lands of one pasture, now divided into two, called Gowers alias Lacies in Tanworth in the tenure of Richard haselocke, to hold for the lives of the said Thomas, Maurice and William, rendering annually £3.7s. which pasture had been assigned to the said Thomas Smith by the said Maurice, Thomas and William and by Henry Cotterell; to hold, excepting all oak, ash and crabtree on the same, from 2 February last for 24 years, rendering annually 46s.8d. Signed : Thomas Smith. Dated 10 March 1 James I. Witnesses: Thomas Warner, Henry wagstaffe, William Cookes. Fragment of red wax on tag. English, parchment, 20.75 x 11.25 ins., indented.