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Covenant between William Weigham of Fillongley gentleman, Eleanor his wife, Oliver Weigham the younger, son and heir of the said William and Eleanor, Anne Collett of Tanworth widow of Edward Collett of Tanworth gentleman deceased, Arden Devereux of Tanworth gentleman and Anne his wife, William Milward of Tanworth gentleman and Elizabeth his wife, which Eleanor, Anne Devereux and Elizabeth were the three daughters and co-heirs of Edward Collett, of the first part, Thomas Cotterell of Tanworth yeoman of the second part and John Milward of Beoley, Worcestershire, natural brother of the said William Milward of the third part to perform agreement DR37/1/ 1913 and to lead the uses of a fine, DR37/1/ 1915, of the property described in DR37/1/ 1913; to hold to the use of the said Thomas Cotterell and the said John Milward for ever. Signed: William Weigham, Elianor Weigham, Oliver Weigham, Anne Collett by mark, Arden Devereux, Anne Devereux, William Milward, Elizabeth Milward. Dated 3 October 1656. Witnesses, endorsed: John Chambers the elder, John Feilde, John Biddell, William Chambers the younger, Edward Wagstaffe. 8 Circular seals of red wax on tags, 1/2 in., 1, 5, 7, A Thistle slipped and leaved. 3 8, An archer. 4, A bird. 6, A lion rampant. English, parchment, 24.5 x 16.5 ins., indented.