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Botley in Wootton Wawen


Lease from John Archer of Toneworth' the younger to Robert Taylor alias Robert Rounde of Hendeley in ardnen' of a close lying in Botteley called the Hyll fylde; to hold for 20 years, rendering annually 11s. [2 terms], the said John having the right of distraint and re-entry if the said rent was unpaid or in arrears 30 days beyond any of the said terms; the said Robert to stock and make pasture such parts of the said property as are now overgrown and to have all that grows in such places and sufficient tynnesyll' and heybote for his hedges. Dated: 17 January 22 Henry VII, at Toneworth'. Tag for seal. English, parchment, 101/2 x 6 in., indented.