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Hodgson of Clopton House: Correspondence and diary notes


From Emily Hodgson, Montpellier, Brisbane to Frank Hodgson. Pap is very busy. He leaves the house at 9 in the morning and often they don't see him until 12 at night. Mamma intends going to Sydney for a month. She is to stay with Mrs Knox and colect their box of clothes which is due to arrive. They have had a very wet monsoon and increased numbers of mosquitoes. She enjoyed herself on the Downs, looking after Mrs Ramsay's children and making cakes for them. Charlotte and Elizabeth have been to Sandgate. Sir Robert Mackenzie and his family have left for England. She was invited to a dance given for the departure but does not like dances. They had a luncheon party of sixteen. They have Mr King, a cousin of Lord Lifford's for lunch.