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Hodgson of Clopton House: Correspondence and diary notes


From Eliza Hodgson, Montpellier, Brisbane to Frank Hodgson. They have had a month of showery weather and the earth is good and cooled. The mosqitoes continue to be irritating. Charlotte has returned from Sandgate. They have a pet dog for the first time and Papa talks to it as if it is a child. Emily returned from Eton Vale, very stout. Corney Hewitt is coming to Brisbane and they hope to put him up. He has grown tired of his bush life. She thinks that he is a 'bit of a muff' and complains of the number of nere do wells who come to the colony. She is going to Sydney at the end of the week and will stay with the Knoxes. Lilly spent her holidays with the Knoxes and they went on board the Galatea to see all of the arrangements for the Duke's entertainment. She feels grateful that Frank and Edward were brought up in England.