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Wills and testamentary papers


Probate copy will of Thomas Rawlins of Stratford-upon-Avon, Serjeant-at-Law. Requests burial in chancel of Holy Trinity beside late wife and her son. £5 to poor of Borough and Parish of Old Stratford £2 to poor of Salford, co. Warks. £5 to poor of Dorsington, Glos. All lands, manors, tenements and the advowson of Dorsington to heirs of body and for want of such, estates devised as follows: (1) Farm at Dorsington in tenure of Thomas Yarnold: to brother Samuel for life and then to Trustees viz: Edmund Woodward of Stetton Audley, Oxon., William Challoner the elder of Old Stratford, gent., and William Rawlins, son of testator's brother Samuel. In Trust for 12 years or until raise £10 p.a. payable to widow of Samuel for life. Trustees to raise further £500 payable as follows: £100 to Jane, daughter of brother Samuel £300 to Catherine, daughter of `my late cousin Thomas Rawlins' £50 each to Elizabeth and Mary Paston, daughters of `my cousin Paston'. If either die before 18 legacy to mother. (2) Four yardland farm in Dorsington in tenure Thomas Mealing to William Rawlins, son of Testator's brother Samuel, for life, with power to make jointure for any wife he may marry (3) Farm in Dorsington in tenure Thomas Heminge to brother Samuel until grandson of Samuel, Thomas Rawlins is 18 then to Trustees as above until 22, to train him in the law. Then to said Thomas for life, but if he die before 22 then to his uncle William Rawlins [one of the trustees]. (4) Farms in Dorsington in tenure Richard Collett and Dennis to wife for life, she paying £20 within 5 years to her goddaughter Catherine Rawlins for her maintenance. If Catherine dies, legacy ceases. (5) Farms in Dorsington lately in tenure Abraham King, now John Richardson; farm now John Richardson and the furlong in Dorsington: to wife for 12 years in Trust to pay £7. p.a. to `cousin' William Martin while a clerk or apprentice and £5 p.a. to `cousin' Samuel Paston while an apprentice. Further £150 payable to Martin - £50 on sealing indentures and £100 at age 21. If he die, legacy payable to his mother. Further £100 to Paston when he leaves his indentures to set him up in trade (£50 already paid to bind him apprentice). If he die during apprenticeship then £100 to his sisters or survivor. Both annuities to cease on payment of lump sum. (6) Confirms wife's jointure and in lieu of lands at Pershore already sold (although purchase money has been added to jointure) gives her Dorsington farms with legacies attached as in (4) above. (7) Tenements in Dorsington in tenure Widow Trimmell and Thomas Willis, formerly of Ann Nichols and William White and lands in Pebworth field with 2 acres of grain in Dorsington to `my cousin Paston the mother' for life. (8) Manor of Dorsington, advowson and reversion of all lands and tenements to Thomas Rawlins, grandchild of testator's brother Samuel for life then to eldest son and heirs male of such son, in want of which issue to succeeding sons and their heirs in turn. In want of any such issue to William Rawlins, the only living son of testator's brother Samuel, for life and then to his heirs male as above. In default, then to the eldest son of `my late cousin Edmund Rawlins of Pophills' and his heirs male. In default of any such, then to testator's `right heirs'. Will incomplete, second membrane missing. Probate attached: proved 3 November 1699.

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Printout of registered copy will from National Archives at PR477/1