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Grant by Ralph de Nuthurst, son of Gamel de Erdington to Godisigus son of Leofric de Lethe/Leche and his heirs, to hold of him and his, one part of his land in Hadingehurst and one piece of moore between his land and the land of Richard son of Faber, from Esenstrete as far as Hedleisiche, paying 4d. annually at two terms for which grant Godsigus has paid 6s. to Ralph and 4d. to Walter son of Ralph. Witnesses: Wm. de Hulehale, Wm. de Botley, Wm. The Huntsman, Henry de Hull, Richard son of Ivo, Roger fitzHarding, Reginald son of Reginald, Helya son of William, Gilbert de Bramhall, William the Chaplain.