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Bonds in penal sum 200 marks from John Trussell of Billesley, esquire, to John Johnsons to perform covenants in bargain and sale of even date in respect of (a) messuage with buildings, orchards, gardens, lands, meadows, leasowes etc. called Bosses in Nuthurst, abbutted on the east by the way from Nuthurst to Leverichehill, on west by highway from Nuthurst to Henley, on south by land called Pynkes and on north by land of John Johnson called Nookye crofte. All in the occupation of Robert Gaunte. (b) Lease for 21 years at 3s. 4d. p.a. to John Johnsons and Jone his wife of small close called little Bosse lying between land of Richard Fulwood, parish land of Lapworth and the road from Nuthurst to Leverichehill, also in the occupation of Robert Gaunte. Witnesses: Thomas Jackson, Thomas Burson, John Clarke, George Hallome.