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Deed to lead to the uses of a fine: Thomas Greswold, Solihull, esquire and John Sergeant of The Haunche in the parish of Kingesnorton, Worcs., yeoman to Richard Smallbroke, Yardley, Worcs., gentleman and Edward Gest of Northfield, Worcs., gentleman. John Sergeant is seised of 2 parts of pastures etc. to be divided into 3 parts, called the Morefieldes in Nuthurst, and lands called Stapletons and a close called Stonye croft in Tanworth and Thomas Gresold is seised of one part of the same lands, the parties agree that a fine is to be levied before 24 June 1595 to the said Richard and Edward so that the lands in Nuthurst should be held to the use of the said Thomas Greswold and the lands in Tanworth to the use of the said John Sergeant. Witnesses (endorsed): Henry Saywar, Thomas Greves, Thomas Field, Richard Weale.