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Grant by William Trussel, knight, Lord of Nuthurst, to John Bercario of Nuthurst and Agnes his wife, for their lives, of all that piece of land in Nuthurst called Forstescroft, with two acres of arable land, of which one acre lies in Churchefeld between the lands of Walter de Nuthurst and Alice Warde, and the other acre lies in le Ruycrofthus, in breadth between the land of the said Walter de Nuthurst on each side. To have and hold the said land with the house thereon built, with hedges, ditches, common of pasture and all other appurtenances, to the said John and Agnes, and the longer liver of them, for their lives. Paying annually 5 shillings in silver at the two usual terms, and chief heriot on the death of John, together with suit of court for all services. Warranty clause. Witnesses: Walter de Nuthurst, Theobald de Nuthurst, William atte Welle, Walter atte Forde, Thomas Aleyn. Dated at Nuthurst, Sunday after the Invention of the Holy Cross, 16 Edward III.