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Bargain and sale from Henry Sydnall, Tanworth, yeoman, to Richard Fulwood, Tanworth, gentleman, of lands, meadows and tenements in Nuthurst in Hampton in Arden called Cycyly fyldes, lying between the lands of the said Richard called Ley Hilles, Cycyly fyldes and Hobbyn Danell, the highway from Nuthurst chapel to Hockley Heath and the lane leading from Fareley alias Faceley cross to Hockley Heath. Warranty clause against said Henry, John Fulwood, sometime owner of the said lands and John Sydnall, father of Henry, with the exception of covenants made by John Sydnall to Thomas Ichener and Edward Smyth. In consideration of £4 paid before sealing and 100 marks to be paid in installments viz: £33. 6s. 8d. on 1 October next and £33. 6s. 8d. on 1 April 1583 to be paid at the 'nowe mansion house of Henry Field at Wetherockhyll [Weather Oak Hill] in the parish of Kyngysnorton'. Henry Sydnall to have right of re-possession if money not so paid. Witnesses (endorsed): Raphael Fulwood, Humphrey Fulwood, John Nocke, the marks of John Quarreyll and Henry Knight. Endorsed: Sydnalls sale of Ciceley feyldes [in hand Simon Archer] Tanworth [in hand of William Hamper, c. 1814]