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Confirmation by Edmund Fulwood of Tanworth, esquire, to Thomas Trussell, Thomas Griswold, Robert Lydyate, gentlemen, John Sydnall, John Collett, yeomen, Robert Gaunte, senior, John Johnson, Robert Rawson, senior, William Walton, Thomas Dickinson alias Rowland, Richard Dickinson alias Rowland, Robert Gaunt junior and William Rawson, husbandmen of one messuage with certain adjoining lands enclosed, with a road leading to the said messuage beside a path leading to the chapel at Nuthurst on one side and the said house on the other. Which said house, land and road lie in a field of the said Edmund Fulwood called Cycelie field. To hold of the chief lord of the fee and in trust to uses specified in a separate schedule viz: to the use and occupation of the priest or incumbent to serve the cure of Nuthurst, provided always resident. If absent for more than one quarter of a year then rents and profits to the churchwardens for division amongst the poor of Nuthurst on Good Friday or towards the repair of the church, as the wardens direct. Signed and sealed.