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Records of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust


TR/1 Acts of Parliament
TR/2 Executive committee, and half-annual and annual meetings of Trustees
TR/3 Sub-committee records
TR/4 Annual reports
TR/5 Audited accounts
TR/6 Annual meetings, press reports
TR/7 Secretary's (later Director's) diaries
TR/8 Director's Office filing
TR/9 Not allocated
TR/10 General correspondence
TR/11 Postage books [destroyed 04/09/2006]
TR/12 Not allocated
TR/13 Not allocated
TR/14 Not allocated
TR/15 Account books
TR/16 Receipts, bills and vouchers
TR/17 Petty cash, receipts and vouchers
TR/18 Agency accounts and invoices
TR/19 Sales accounts and invoices
TR/20 Returned cheques [destroyed 04/09/2006]
TR/21 Cheque book stubs [destroyed 04/09/2006]
TR/22 Bank paying-in books [destroyed 04/09/2006]
TR/23 Not allocated
TR/24 Not allocated
TR/25 Property management books:Shakespeare's Birthplace
TR/26 Property management books: New Place
TR/27 Property management books: Anne Hathaway's Cottage
TR28 Property management books: Mary Arden's House
TR/29 Property management books: Hall's Croft
TR30 Property management books: Shakespeare Centre (1964 building)
TR/31 Property management books: Hornby Cottage
TR/32 Property management books: 1964 pavilion
TR/33 Property management books: Shakespeare (visitors) Centre, 1981
TR/34 Not allocated
TR/35 Visitors' books
TR/36 Publications and stock control records
TR/37-TR/41 Not allocated
TR/42 Records of Maintenance Department
TR/43 Records of the Gardens Department
TR/44 Not allocated
TR/45 Staff and Establishment
TR/46 Property: title deeds (Closed)
TR/47 Library, Museum and Records Department
TR/48 Plans and papers relating to properties
TR/49 Surplus stock of Birthplace Trust, and related publications
TR/50 Administrative and associated records of the Hall's Croft Festival Club
TR/51 Miscellaneous printed material issued by, or about the Shakespeare Birthplace, arranged by date

This collection also includes un-catalouged accessions:
*2010.7- The Shakespeare Houses promotional video, 1995 (1 item)
*2011.6 - Reports of the proceedings of the trustees and guardians of Shakespeare's Birthplace, held Wednesday 24 April 1935 (with statement of accounts) and 10 May 1950, an act to confer further powers on the trustees and guardians of Shakespeare's Birthplace, 1930, Shakespeare Birthday Celebration luncheon seating plan 23 April 1936 (1 bundle)
*2011.31- Friends Newsletter, Summer 2011 (1 document)
*2011.52 - Episode of 'Escape to the Country' (DVD) featuring Stanley Wells talking about the history of Stratford-upon-Avon. Not recorded 'off air' (1 item)

Please note that a 20 year closure period applies to unpublished material in this collection due to the commercially confidential and sensitive nature of their contents. Beyond this period , individual records may be closed for longer periods for data protection, operational or conservation reasons. Please check individual catalogue entries. Please contact us if you wish to apply for access to closed records.

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    partially closed

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    United Kingdom - England - Warwickshire - Stratford-upon-Avon - Henley Street - Shakespeare's Birthplace,

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