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Estate papers - Receipts


A file of 47 papers of which 37 receipts an 1 memorandum DR3/652-DR3/689 [1529-1577, 1650] relate to a yearly rent of £5 6s. 8d. for lands in Baddesley Clinton called Walles (Waellis, Wales, Walis, Walleys, Wallis or Wallys) paid to the manor of Kenilworth, the said lands being part of the Duchy of Lancaster, and 9 receipts DR3/690-DR3/698 [1571-1576] relate to the annual sum of £12 13s. 4d for the moiety of the manor of Baddesley Clinton paid to Sir Thomas Cokkin (Cockan, Cocken, Cockeyn, Cockeyne, Coken, Koken or Kokeng) knt.