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Baddesley Clinton


Gift from James de Clintone to Thomas, son of Adam atte Fenne of two and a half acres of waste land in Baddesley, between the land of Adam son of Adam atte Fenne on the one hand, and the land of Thomas Robynes on the other, and extending in length from the land of Thomas de Stoke as far as the road leading towards Wytemarleput. To hold the same freely in meadows, commons and pasture, with the right to sell or assign the said lands, rendering annually 10d. at the two terms, that is 5d. at the feast of St. Mary in March, and 5d. at the feast of St. Michael in lieu of all services. Warranty clause. Sealing clause. Witnesses: Walter de Wintertone, John de Pessam, Thomas de Stoke, William de Morhey, Nicholas de Baddesleye and others. Undated; c. 1300. Tag for seal with covering. [49/24]