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Baddesley Clinton


Quitclaim from Thomas de Clinton' lord of Baddesleye to Geoffrey atte Wode of Chadeleswich of two acres and three roods of land which the said Geoffrey held by feoffment from James de Clinton', father of the said Thomas, with all rights excepting foreign service and 10d. annual rent which the said Geoffrey was accustomed to pay at the usual terms in Baddesleye. Warranty clause. Sealing clause. Witnesses: John de Nafforde, Thomas de Baddesleye, Nicholas of the same, William de Morhey, Roger atte Fenne, clerk, and others. Given at Baddesleye Friday next after the Decollation of St. John 18 Edward II [31 August 1324]. Circular seal of brown wax on tag, fragment only showing part of a man's head, see DR3/30. [49/44]