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Baddesley Clinton


Gift from James de Clinton' to Adam Gamel of Chaddeslewich of half an acre of waste land in Baddesleye lying in the Mesemor from the waste land of the said James as far as the waste land formerly belonging to the Templars. To hold to the said Adam and his lawful issue for ever, and if the said Adam dies without such issue the said lands to pass to his nearest blood relative, rendering annually 4d. at the two terms, that is 2d. at the feast of St. Michael and 2d. at the feast of St. Mary in March in lieu of all services except foreign service. Warranty clause. Consideration: 2 marks. Sealing clause. Witnesses: Thomas de Stoke, Walter de Winterton', Thomas de la lee, John de Pesham, Nicholas de Baddesley and others. Given at Baddeley Thursday next after the feast of the Apostles Peter and Paul 8 Edward II [3 July 1315]. Tag for seal with knotted strip of material attached. [49/30]