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Baddesley Clinton


Quitclaim from Thomas de Clinton' lord of Baddesley to John de Longeleye of Chadeleswich' of a croft which Simon Wyne formerly held of the said Thomas in Baddesleye lying in breadth between the land of Thomas de Baddesley on the one hand and the land of Robert atte Fenne on the other, and extending in length from the road leading from la Risenebruge towards Keneleworth'. Sealing clause. Witnesses: Bartholomew de Beusale, Thomas de Baddesleye, William de Moreye, John Colines, John de Freynes and others. Given at Baddesleye Friday next before the feast of SS. Fabian and Sebastian 20 Edward II [16 January 1327]. Tag for seal. [53/29]