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Baddesley Clinton


Gift from Bernard de Merschtone to Richard Godmon of Rowyntone of all the lands and tenements which the said Bernard held in Baddesleye Clynton' by the gift and feoffment of Robert Purcer called Gilberdeslond. To hold the same with meadows, three groves with hedges, ditches and appurtenances for ever from the chief lords of the fee for due and customary service. Warranty clause. Sealing clause. Witnesses: John atte Wodeyate, John Godmon, Thomas de Baddesleye, John son of Nicholas, William Moreye and others. Given at Baddesleye Wednesday next after the feast of St. Augustine 10 Edward III [29 May 1336]. Circular Seal of red wax on tag, incomplete. 1 in. A man's head facing right, within two interlaced quatrefoils with the letters X BERNARD' between the points of intersection. [53/22]