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Baddesley Clinton


Assignment of lease from Mathew Walforde of Rowington yeoman to Thomas Wagstaffe of Warwicke gent. of four closes in Baddesley called Greate Gylbertes, Little Gylbertes, Mylfeilde and Gilbertes meadow with a barn on Greate Gylbertes and the pasture in a grove called Gilbertes grove, reserving the wood in the said grove. To hold for the remainder of the term as described in DR3/344, reciting also DR3/363 DR3/364. Consideration: £140. 27 March 10 James I [1612]. Signed: Mathew Walford Circular seal of red wax on tag. 3/4 in. A thistle flower slipped. Witnesses endorsed: Tim: Wagstaffe; John Oldnoll; William Hopkins. [86/3]