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Baddesley Clinton


Demise from Petronella widow of Thomas de Clinton' formerly lord of Baddesleye to Thomas de Stoke of Baddesleye of meadow land held by the said Petronella as dower in le Brode mede and 4s., annual rent from two tenements in Baddesleye; that is 2s. from a tenement belonging to John Colines and 2s. from a tenement belonging to Richard atte Lee. To hold the same for 18 years beginning Thursday next after the Annunciation of the Blessed Mary 11 Edward III [27 March 1337]. Warranty clause. Sealing clause. Witnesses: John de Nafforde, Richard Godmon, Richard atte Lee, John Colines, Thomas de Podenho and others. Undated: c. 27 March 1337. Circular seal of green wax on tag. 1in. see DR3/104 and DR3/123. Four leaves tied crosswise and veined. Endorsed: [In a 16th century hand] Brodmedow et quatuor solidi de duobus tenementis quorum unum vocatum Colyns et aliud vocatum at the Lee [49/50]