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Baddesley Clinton


Appointment by John Brom' the younger lord of Baddysley Clynton' of John Boys and John Glouer' as attorneys to receive seisin of one field with appurtenances called Moreford' with one parcel of meadow adjoining the said field on the lower side lately belonging to John Gyllowe in Baddysley and an annual rent of 2d. which Richard Whitley used to receive from Henry Somerlone for a field called le Byrchenfeld' lying next to the land of the Duchy of Lancaster called Birthengrove in Baddisley, according to two charters made to the said John Brom' by Richard Whitley and Thomas Hukyns. Sealing clause. Given at Baddisley Wednesday next after the feast of the Epiphany 22 Henry VI [8 January 1443/4]. Fragment of red wax on tongue. [52/25]