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Baddesley Clinton and Rowington


Lease from Beatrice Brome widow to Nicholas Brome son and heir of the said Beatrice of the manor of Baddesley Clynton' with all lands and appurtenances in the parishes of Baddesley and Rowynton' and all the buildings at the upper end of the hall of the said manor; also four acres of wood within the wood of Haywode as it is defined by metes and bounds, and free entry and exit to the same, with easements also in the heath and kitchen of the said manor when required. To hold the same for the term of the life of the said Beatrice rendering annually £20 at the four terms of the feasts of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. John the Baptist, St. Michael the Archangel and the Nativity of the Lord in equal portions. The said Beatrice to have the right of distraint if the said rent was in arrears beyond fifteen days, and the right to re-enter the said property if it was in arrears beyond two months. Sealing clause. Given at Baddesley 10 February 13 Edward IV [14 73/4]. Circular seal of red wax on tag. 1/2 in. see DR3/262, DR3/265 DR3/273. Within a rush plaited border, inserted into the wax a bird with a sprig of foliage and in a panel above the letters cu in black letter. Endorsed: [In a late 16th century hand] Lease BB to N Of the maner of Badesley [50/9]

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    10 Feb 1474

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    United Kingdom - England - Warwickshire - Rowington,

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